#174 (English) Austin Kleon: Creativity, parenting and Don Quixote

This first interview of the season is very, very special. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to chat with one of your favorite authors. Let alone when that author is foreign and has sold over a million books. 

My guest in this episode is Austin Kleon, the author of a fantastic trilogy on creativity, which started with “Steal Like An Artist”, continued with “Show Your Work”, and concluded, at least for now, with “Keep Going”. All three are small, square-format books that blend text and illustration. Austin describes himself as a writer who draws. They’re books that can be read in just over half an hour, but are worth revisiting multiple times. They’re packed with nuggets of wisdom on how to find your own style, develop creative habits, expose yourself to criticism, or persevere when things get tough. Many of these ideas, moreover, go far beyond the world of creativity: they’re useful for life in general.

But Austin isn’t just a great author, something I already knew; he’s also a delightful person. Kind, accommodating, and a good conversationalist. We talked, of course, about creativity, but also about parenting, Don Quixote, video games, and even how to visit museums. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and I think it shows. Now, I hope you also enjoy this conversation with Austin Kleon!


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Austin’s picture credit Clayton Cubitt